Security is not just a set of functions but a kind of philosophy of software design venture. With decades of security solution design experience, what we concern is totally on customers’ real need.
Make the trade-off between security and convenience be balanced and smooth in daily life applications. We provide a variety of software components and designed consultant services to help people enrich their solution securely.

Cream of the crop software belongs on cream of the crop hardware. With the same spirit on security solution, cream of the crop UAF(Universal Authentication Framework) belongs on cream of the crop U2F(Universal Second Factor). We design and help customers to design the tailor-made strong security hardware without compromise of the ease-of-use. No more bothering password, just lift a finger for safety data protection and personal privacy by a dedicated hardware.

Identification is the very first and the key step for every system. Precise and friendly recognition in an intuitive way is the main concern how identification would be. With multi-modal biometric identification, people can experience the simple and elegant methods. Now, we make them be available in most popular platforms with the same style.

Forget about the password age, it’s insecure and annoying. PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) was once popular and will be popular again accompanied by smart identification. Strong security makes the complicated system architecture be elegant, scalable and well-protected. There’s no need for people to suffer the pain of PKI but learn how to enjoy it. What we’ve done for PKI is to make it easy.

Mobile devices are everywhere in people’s daily life. More and more services are on moved to cloud platform. People enjoy all kinds of services, entertainments and convenience in mobile environments. Bring your own device and key will be the most important things for the future. All services are becoming smarter and smarter, how about your data protection and personal privacy? Take a look at our solution to find what you want. It’s all about you and your secure future.

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